From the Pastor's Study

God Loved the What?

By Pastor Voltattorni / May 27, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostWhen St. John uses the word “world,” – in the Greek “κόσμος” (pronounced Cosmos) – he’s not thinking in terms of metaphysics, nor is he referring to the celestial body orbiting the sun. John uses the word to refer to the evil, unbelieving world. This is what makes it all the more…

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Prayer in Time of Drought

By Pastor Voltattorni / May 24, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint Post O faithful, true, and righteous God, who in Your faithful Word have indicated in the most comforting manner how a true, earnest, zealous, believing, and persistent prayer pierces mightily the clouds of heaven and not only comes with certainty before Your presence, but also is capable of much and accomplishes much:…

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The Burden of Confirmation

By Pastor Voltattorni / May 20, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostThis past Sunday we had our confirmands stand before the congregation and confess their willingness to remain steadfast in the Lutheran Faith. How difficult a charge we laid upon their shoulders. Every time we have a confirmation service, I find the seriousness of the confirmation vows to be striking; such as when…

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Why Should I Eat and Drink?

By Pastor Voltattorni / May 18, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostDo you ever consider why we Lutherans make such a big deal of the Sacrament of the Altar? Of course, we confess that Jesus’ Body and Blood provide forgiveness, life, and salvation. But since I am baptized, I already have the forgiveness of sins. I pray and read my Bible and even…

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Ascension Day Sermon by Martin Luther

By Pastor Voltattorni / May 13, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint Post God has given us Baptism, the Sacrament of the Altar, and absolution to bring Christ very close to us, so that we can have Him not only in our heart but also on our tongue, so that we can feel Him, grasp Him, and touch Him. God did all this for…

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A Litany For Peace

By Pastor Voltattorni / April 20, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint Post Good God,gracious Father,creator of us all,have mercy on us. O Jesus,Son of God and Son of Man,our brother,have mercy on us. True Spirit,moving over us,Lord and giver of life,have mercy on us. Look at our world, broken by sin.Look at our hearts, broken in grief.Look at our minds, shaken in confusion.Have…

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500 Years After the Diet of Worms

By Pastor Voltattorni / April 19, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostIn hindsight, the concept of what is “right” and “wrong” usually seems obvious. But at the time, that is rarely ever the case. So it was for Martin Luther when he made his famous confession at the Diet of Worms. To us, it seems clear that what Luther did is exactly what…

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O Glorious Office!

By Pastor Voltattorni / April 14, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint Postby C.F.W. Walther Woe to Christian Preachers if they have nothing ­preach but the Law! Their hearers will become hungry by it, but not satisfied. They will be startled out of their security, but they will never come to peace. They will learn to know their ­distress, but they will remain without…

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Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands

By Pastor Voltattorni / April 9, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostChrist Jesus lay in death’s strong bandsFor our offenses given;But now at God’s right hand He standsAnd brings us life from heaven.Therefore let us joyful beAnd sing to God right thankfullyLoud songs of alleluia! Alleluia! No son of man could conquer death,Such ruin sin had wrought us.No innocence was found on earth,And…

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The Paschal Homily by St. John Chrysostom

By Pastor Voltattorni / April 4, 2021 /

Open as PDFPrint PostChrist is Risen! If anyone is devout and a lover of God, let him enjoy this beautiful and radiant festival.If anyone is a wise servant, let him, rejoicing, enter into the joy of his Lord. If anyone has wearied himself in fasting, let him now receive his recompense.If anyone has labored from the…

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